STONEPARK Consultancy Ltd. provides a specialist service to the steel wire and wire rope industry. The company is managed by its co-directors Andrew Stacey, Allan Jones, Stan Parkinson and Derek Payne who are supported by additional specialist engineers, technologists, metallurgists and practical manufacturing experts, according to the work requirements.

The Consultancy is now in its fourth year of operation during which time a wide array of projects have been undertaken and successfully completed in 19 countries.

The Consultancy is registered with the Institution of Materials, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the International Wire Machinery Association and the Wire Association.


Andrew G Stacey Ph.D., C. Eng., M.I.M.

Chairman and Director


Andrew Stacey is recognised internationally as a leading expert in steel wire and wire rod metallurgy and wire rope technology. He has been responsible for the development and commercial exploitation of many new wire and rope products and has successfully directed the R & D and engineering resources of a large international wire and rope company.

Allan Jones

Allan R Jones   C.Eng., M.I.M.



Allan Jones has 30 years experience in technical and production management.

He is an acknowledged expert in wire process technology and has had responsibility for programmes involving large-scale capital investments, acquisitions and factory rationalisation from which major cost savings and productivity improvements resulted.

Stan Parkinson

Stan Parkinson   C.Eng., M.I.Mech. E.



Stan Parkinson is a senior chartered engineer and is internationally recognised as a leading authority in the specification and performance of plant and equipment for the manufacture and handling of steel wire rope.

He is an innovative designer, being responsible for many significant developments in rope manufacturing and handling equipment.

He has 40 years experience in the mechanical engineering field as both a trouble shooter, designer and project manager.

Derek Payne

Derek Payne C.Eng. M.I.M.



Derek Payne has been in the Wire Industry for 34 years during which time he has become recognised as a world expert in wire metallurgy, particularly in heat treatment, galvanising, zinc aluminium alloy coating technology, mechanical descaling and chemical coating processes.